GEN 102
Self in Systems: Systemic thinking, genograms and the role of the family enterprise advisor

This course provides a foundation and understanding of:

  • the nature of systems concepts and systems thinking
  • the genogram as useful tool in understanding the client systems
  • the genogram as a useful tool for better understanding professionals and how their experiences influence the work they do with family enterprises
  • professional growth and development, a topic that includes learning more about yourself in order to work more effectively with client systems

Course Structure

  • This course consists of 4 online self-paced lessons and a final capstone seminar at the end of the quarter.
  • All online coursework must be completed prior to your webinar date.
  • Online: 2.5 hour webinar conducted via live video conferencing
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Michael Madera, CFBA, ACFBA
Michael is a consulting psychologist and executive coach with 18 years experience in individual development and organizational consulting. Michael has served as a facilitator in the Families in Business course at Harvard Business School and teaches in the Executive Coaching Certificate Program at the Massachusetts School of Professional Psychology.

Deb Houden, Ph.D., CFBA, CFWA, FFI Fellow
Deb is a consultant with the Family Business Consulting Group (FBCG.) Formerly, the director of the University of Wisconsin Family Business Center, Deb has lectured in numerous courses, including interpersonal communication, communication and conflict resolution, and issues in family business ownership.

Guillermo Salazar, CFBA
Guillermo Salazar is with Akro Advisors in Miami. He serves on the editorial board of the FFI Practitioner, is a former member of the FFI board of directors and currently leads the Iberoamerica Virtual Study Group.