GEN 502
Family Governance in the Family Enterprise: A key structural element in family enterprise governance

This course provides a foundation and understanding of:

  • the nature of family enterprise governance, its core concepts and functions
  • unique challenges and opportunities encountered by professionals developing family governance in family enterprises
  • practical tools needed to build family governance
  • through actual case studies, the skills needed to assist families in designing and implementing a family governance system throughout several life cycle stages

Course Structure

  • This course consists of 4 online self-paced lessons and a final capstone seminar at the end of the quarter.
  • All online coursework must be completed prior to your webinar date.
  • Online: 2.5 hour webinar conducted via live video conferencing
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Dennis Jaffe, Ph.D., CFBA, FFI Fellow
Dennis is a professor of organizational systems and psychology at Saybrook University in San Francisco and a family business advisor. A recipient of the prestigious Richard Beckhard Practice Award and an FFI Fellow, Dennis has published and presented widely in the field. He received his BA degree in philosophy, MA in management, and Ph.D. in sociology from Yale University.

Jennifer East, CFBA, FFI Fellow
Jennifer East is the founder of ONIDA Family Advisors Inc., an advisory firm headquartered in Toronto, Canada. Jennifer works with a select number of multi-generational business and financial families, focusing on the governance structures needed to manage generational transitions. Jennifer volunteers extensively in the family business field; she was Co-Chair of the 2010 Family Firm Institute Annual Conference in Chicago.