GEN 503
The Professional’s Toolbox: The what, why, and how of assessments in family businesses

This course provides:

  • an overview of family business assessment tools
  • insights into what to look for, look out for and how to choose family business assessment tools
  • methods for identifying risks and benefits, challenges and opportunities for professionals using family business assessments
  • “hands on” exercises for using assessment tools and discussing them with family business clients

Course Structure

  • Held during the pre-conference session of the FFI Global Conference.
  • There is no online component
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Andrew Hier, FFI Fellow
Andrew Hier is a senior partner with Cambridge Advisors to Family Enterprise and is an FFI Fellow. He provides assistance with ownership, business and family issues including ownership and leadership succession, business and family governance, strategic integration, development of the next generation and conflict management.

Lloyd Steier, Ph. D., FFI Fellow
Lloyd Steier, Ph. D., vice chair of the FFI board, holds the Distinguished Chair in Entrepreneurship and is director of the Family Centre for Entrepreneurship and Family Enterprise at the University of Alberta Business School and is an FFI Fellow.