Fitzpatrick & Francis Family Business Continuity Foundation Scholarship

This scholarship provides the $2750 enrollment fee for those who wish to pursue an FFI GEN Advanced Certificate in Family Business or Family Wealth Advising.

Eligible Candidates:
Applicants must hold the FFI GEN CFBA or CFWA. Applicants do not have to be members of FFI.

Submission Process:
Applicants for the scholarship must submit the required FFI Certificate applications and submit a one-page letter outlining their interest in the field and their need for financial support. One or more letters of recommendation from colleagues, clients, academics or related parties must accompany the application.

Application Deadlines:
Applications are accepted through April 30th of the scholarship year and applicants are informed of the decision in mid May.

About Fitzpatrick & Francis Family Business Continuity Foundation:
Fitzpatrick & Francis Family Business Continuity Foundation Scholarship was established in early 2014 to further its mission of ensuring that family businesses receive the best possible advice as they plan to successfully transfer ownership and leadership of their enterprise from one generation to the next.

Award Recipients

2016 Natalie McVeigh
2015 John James Cater III
2014 Jeremy Cheng
2014 Michael O’Neal
2013 Louisa Brunner