Furthering the field of family enterprise in India

Parampara Family Business Institute (PFBI)

Parampara Family Business Institute (PFBI) has now partnered with FFI GEN to educate, connect and inspire professionals, educators, researchers and family enterprise members in India.

PFBI provides educational opportunities in India to sustain, grow and perpetuate family businesses. PFBI is committed to creating a community of credible professionals as family business advisors in India by offering a range of Certified Learning Programmes for members of family-owned businesses and professionals working with family firms. PFBI offers a range of services in the areas of Education, Research & Advisory, Events, Conferences and Networking and Family Entrepreneurship

Program Participants who complete the FFI GEN Certificate Program in Family Business Advising (CFBA) can also enroll in the PFBI Certified Family Business Advisor Programme to earn dual designation.

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Family Businesses in India

  • Family Businesses in India (Sources: ISB, PwC, KPMG, ET)

    • Two out of every three listed companies are family-controlled – India has the largest block of family businesses within Asia
    • Family businesses account for ~85% of businesses in the country; they contribute ~60-70% of GDP
    • Out of the nearly 1000 companies (with market capitalization > USD 50 million), 663 are family businesses
    • Family businesses in India account for 70% of the total market capitalisation and 57% of employment
    • Family businesses account for 90% of gross industry output
    • 13% of family businesses survive to 3rd generation and only 4% survive to the 4th generation

    FFI GEN Certificate in Family Business Advising (CFBA) Requirements:

    • GEN 101 Family Enterprise: Understanding Families in Business and Families of Wealth
    • GEN 102 Self in Systems: Systemic thinking, genograms and the role of the family enterprise advisor
    • GEN 201 Family Enterprise Advising and Consulting: The action research model as applied to family enterprise
    • GEN 501 Myths, Realities and Trends in the Field of Family Enterprise


    • 1-year FFI membership
    • 1-year registration to attend the FFI global conference
    • Paired with professional mentor in the field (optional)
    • Blended Learning Approach (Classroom Sessions, Case studies & Project/Internship with PFBI Principal Consultant)

    Upon completion, students receive the Certificate in Family Business Advising issued by FFI and authorization to use the CFBA designation.