Certificate Overview

Regardless of your level of experience in the family enterprise field, professional designation is increasingly important. As the most trusted and globally recognized provider of family enterprise professional education, FFI is uniquely suited to help you stand out from your peers and shine in your practice.

Online Model

FFI GEN’s revolutionary online learning environment is different from the traditional “talking-heads” model of online courses. Course webinars feature live classroom discussions allowing you to see, interact with and learn from both the instructor and peers from across the globe.


Beyond the outstanding course curriculum taught by luminaries in the family enterprise field, FFI GEN Certificate Program participants are paired with a professional mentor, can attend FFI signature events, benefit from FFI membership and more. This level of connection is unparalleled and essential to expanding your network and multidisciplinary understanding.

Course Structure

FFI GEN courses have been designed for busy professionals. Available online 24/7, GEN courses feature both synchronous and asynchronous coursework. Each course includes 3-4 online self-paced lessons, as well as, a capstone final seminar at the end of the quarter. These final seminars are available online via live video conferencing. See the course schedule for upcoming seminar times.

Each course takes approximately 8-10 hours to complete. This includes both the online self-paced coursework and the final online seminar. Many students are able to complete the program in less than a year by taking more than one course per quarter.

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We would be happy to chat and walk you through the requirements, course overview, answer questions, and take you online to view the courses live. Contact us to schedule an online demo.