Scholarships Overview

FFI GEN Scholarships are generously provided by companies and individuals to provide financial support for qualifying GEN students. We are currently seeking scholarship sponsors for the current academic year.

Currently we have five scholarships available. Learn more and apply online for these scholarships by clicking the links below:

Carmen Bianchi Family Business Associates Scholarship (Advanced)

The Carmen Bianchi Family Business Associates Scholarship was established in 2015 to further the professional development and education of advisors, consultants, educators and academics seeking to increase their skills, knowledge and abilities to work successfully with family companies and the wide variety of challenges they present.
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Crystal & Company Scholarship (Family Business Member)

The Crystal & Company scholarship is for next-gen family business members who would like to formalize their learning on the family enterprise.
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de Visscher & Co. Scholarship (Advisor)

The de Visscher & Co. scholarship is for the next generation consultants and advisors to family enterprise.
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EDHEC Scholarship (Family Business Member)

Joint scholarships are now being offered for the EDHEC Family Business Global Executive MBA Program and the FFI Global Education Network (GEN) Certificates in Family Business and Family Wealth Advising. The scholarship is for those who plan to enter the family business.
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Fitzpatrick and Francis Family Business Continuity Foundation Scholarship (Advanced)

This scholarship is for those who hold the Certificate in Family Business Advising and/or the Certificate in Family Wealth Advising and wish to pursue an Advanced Certificate.
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Create A Named GEN Scholarship

FFI GEN students come from a variety of professional, business, and economic backgrounds. GEN scholarships provide students from around the world an opportunity to further their education and expand their abilities to contribute to the field.

Please consider creating a GEN scholarship in the name of your company, in honor of a particular person, or a specific area of research.

To learn more about creating a named GEN scholarship please contact us or email Judy Green, FFI president, at